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Gopher control for Ventura county

by Ben Cabrera Site Admin
  Gophers are rodents we're all familiar with because we see the signs of them in our landscapes. If you have been a homeowner for a while chances are you must have dealt with them in the past, specially if you live near open range. Gophers destroy plants because the eat their  roots, and at the same time the tunnel system they build underneath will eventually cause erosion on the ground, which not only is unsightly but can also represent a liability; people can hurt their ankles if they they happen to step on an old tunnel and this suddenly collapses. 
       Getting rid of them can be a challenge for different reasons, one of them when they go back and forth from the adjacent neighbors. Also have to consider the safety of dogs or other pets if considering using poison or other chemical control methods, since dogs are known to like digging, and we definitely want to avoid that risk. That's why at Ecotone we take the safest approach, only using traps underneath the ground once we identify the right tunnel. It is clean and efficient when done right and easy to know when we go it, As rodents that they are, they reproduce as such and if left unchecked they can result in a population that will inflict more damage and will take longer to control, so the sooner we stop them the better. Call us at 805-223-0653
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