Ecotone Pest Control


by Ben Cabrera Site Admin



   Spring time brings the freshness and beauty of nature after the rain season… along with all kinds of weeds and different types of pest proliferation. As any homeowner would do, the yard must be maintained to keep it looking nice, and when it comes to weeds, the longer you wait, the harder it is to keep it under control.

   There are different types of weeds, as there are different ways to take care of them. Unless you decide to pull them out by hands or other mechanical method, it is important to recognize the best herbicide for the job. Typically would be either selective or non selective, being selective when there is a specific target inside an area where damage needs to be avoided, for example a lawn area. There are usually two basic questions before tacking the project: (1) what kind of weeds are we dealing with? (2) where are they?

   Ecotone Pest Control offers a free inspection and evaluation to determine the best route to control weeds on residential and commercial landscape settings, as well as maintenance programs for year round protection. Call Ecotone Pest Control or visit and ask for a discount on initial service.