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Rodent Pest Control in Ventura, CA

More concern than any type of insect, rodents damage property directly and indirectly. They can also cause major health and safety hazards. Rodents are year-round pests in Ventura County, where the weather makes an ideal climate for rodents to breed. Rodent infestations occur commonly throughout Ventura County. There are many different signs that you may need a pest control professional when dealing with rodents. One telltale clue finding droppings in cabinets, pantries and other places food is stored, along walls, or under furniture. Other signals include finding food boxes with chew evidence, holes in food containers, gnaw marks on walls and furniture. Using the EPA-approved IPM system, we will deliver the best in pest control in Ventura County. If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, don't wait! Call EcoTone Pest Control for a free rodent inspection today!

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are great hiders. In garages, keep storage items neatly arranged and uncluttered. They will have less access to burrough and thrive in a well maintained environment. Rats and mice have even been known to damage vehicles, where they can crawl up into engine and chew wires and fan belts, sneak in through vents destroy your interior. Part of IPM includes an initial inspection. If we see evidence of infestation, and holes and cracks in your walls or foundation, we will proceed to the next step in IPM, being “exclusion,” or building the pests out of your home. We will seal all cracks and holes leading into the home. Windows and doors should also fit tightly. With access to food, water and shelter, rat and mice population can quickly increase. The safest and most effective solution to an infestation is to set traps. We will use EPA approved traps in locations determined best by the pest control professional at EcoTone


The most common sign of a gopher infestation are mounds of dirt. They are often found burrowing in gardens, yards, and fields. Gophers eat the roots of plants and will cause considerable and expensive damage to ornamental and vegetable gardens. Their digging causes erosion, which is unsightly and a dangerous. In public places like schools and parks, the erosion caused by a gopher infestation is a major liability. We usually use traps or fumigant to expel the gophers. We don't typically use baits, as the gophers often get the attention of household pets, who can dig and accidentally be exposed to the bait.

If you think you need rodent pest control, be sure to schedule a free inspection with EcoTone Pest Control!
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