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Fleas are one of the most prominent pests in Ventura County. They are extremely bothersome, as well. They bite, which causes a reaction on the skin that is very itchy and can become painful! They are also more difficult to get rid of than other pests, as they generate in a cycle. Fleas can be an issue year round, but are most common in the summertime. At EcoTone, we follow EPA guidelines to deliver the safest and most effective solution to flea pest control in Ventura County. Pest control for fleas may take a couple rounds of treatment, as the eggs are not immediately affected by the chemicals. At EcoTone Pest Control, we use a growth regulator to cut the generation cycle of the fleas. This kills the larvae once hatched. The chemicals we use at EcoTone all pass EPA regulations, and are safe for your family and pets.


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