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Spider Control in Ventura County

Spiders are a pest of concern. Some spiders, like the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse are more dangerous than others. However, all spiders can cause an allergic reaction, depending on the sensitivity of the individual bitten. EcoTone Pest Control will take care of your spider pest control needs in Ventura County. We will come out and inspect your home, identifying where the spiders are living, and what kind of spiders you’re dealing with. We will eliminate their webs, inside and on the exterior of your home, leaving you with a place that is not considered a “spider-friendly” habitat. EcoTone uses EPA approved methods to control pests, and part of that is exclusion, meaning we will come and seal any holes and cracks that a spider might be able to get in though.

Black Widow

Black widows are common in California, and can be found just about anywhere. They usually live outside, around the home near places of clutter. Black Widows often find their way into garages, near the door or vents, where they’re apt to find plenty of insects in their webs. Black Widow bites can be dangerous and one should seek medical treatment immediately if bitten. Symptoms are similar to having a bad case of the flu. The professionals at EcoTone Pest Control are trained to get rid of these dangerous spiders.

Brown Recluse

Brown Recluse spiders build their webs in undisturbed dry areas like woodpiles, sheds and garages. Brown recluse bites are dangerous. EcoTone Pest Control will rid your home of these spiders.


  • Keep your home as clutter-free as possible. This will make it more difficult for spiders to find a dwelling place.
  • Keep garages and tool sheds well organized
  • Regularly clear webs from corners and windows
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Do you love spiders?

 I have been doing a lot of Spider jobs lately and I thought it would be a good topic to discuss. Whether I am at the right place at the right time or is the time of year, there has been plenty of activity since the beginning of the year.
People should be aware that spiders are prevalent everywhere; however, there is a few thing to consider. Spiders are predators that will eat whatever insects are available in your landscape, which means that the more insects are around, the higher the food source and therefore more potential for spiders invading inside the house.
By minimizing the food source through a Pest Control maintenance program we also minimize the chance of spider related occurrence in your home, a normal consideration specially for young families with kids.
Another thing to consider is the nature of the landscape setting and how well maintained it is. Typically a landscape with abundant trees and shrubs will host more insect variety including spiders. While having trees and shrubs in the landscape ads value and aesthetics, maintenance is also important, and when people wander why they have so many spiders, that could be one of the reasons why but they may not be aware of it. That's where the value of an inspection comes in. A good inspection will let people know what they can do culturally and mechanically to help with a Pest Control Program that will bring the best results when is combined with the use of chemicals as needed.