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Flying insects – Yellow Jackets

Flying insects – Yellow Jackets

               Yellow Jackets are a common pest around home’s landscapes along with other types of flying insects like bees and wasps. Although they all sting, they show different habits and the level of aggressiveness varies, and that’s why is important to be able to identify what we’re dealing with before attempting any kind of control.

               I recently had a service call in which Yellow Jackets had built a nest underground behind a stone retaining wall. The home owner had previously attempted to get rid of them unsuccessfully. Yellow Jackets are very territorial and become very aggressive when someone gets near the nest. In this case, it was also labor intensive since a portion of the retaining wall had to be removed before digging out the nest. When they attack they can sting multiple times and it can be very painful, and people who are allergic can have a severe reaction with serious consequences. Removing Yellow Yackets requires special protection and needs to follow special procedure.

              If you have an issue with stinging insects around your home, call Ecotone Pest Control. After properly identifying the pest we can decide the best course of action, following the best procedure with the most effective, safe and environmentally conscious way possible.

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