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Springtail Insects in Ventura County

Springtails are very small insects that occasionally invade homes. Infestations are usually associated with dampness, organic debris and mold, and when they find their way inside the house they will more likely be entering through basements, bathroom and kitchens. They do not represent damage but their presence, which can be in the hundreds or even thousands, can be upsetting, and as a parent, it is justified when the springtails are found jumping around everywhere, even in children’s beds.Springtails may also enter a structure seeking moisture when their outside habitat becomes too dry. If recurrent problem persist, is recommended to check for water leaks and other moisture problems inside the house, and reduce mulch and other organic materials outside around the foundation. Ecotone Pest Control offers a free inspection to determine the best approach that includes a combination of cultural methods as well a perimeter treatment. It will help control most crawling insects and occasional invaders.

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