Ants and new landscape

There are times when changes to landscapes around homes are necessary. They could be overdue, maybe is a maintenance issue or simply the homeowner is looking for a new look. Especially in hot weather, is common to see increased activity in the insect population, and a change in landscape will make this more obvious once plants and lawn are taken away exposing what’s underneath.    I recently had a service call to a house that’s been under control for a while. The homeowner had a sudden problem with ants which was surprising to her. When I got there I realized she had changed the front landscape and now there was mulch and bark instead of the lawn. “It is not surprising” I explain, “since not only ants were stirred up by removing the lawn, but the new material may carry its own batch of ants and other insects”. She responded: “Great, just what I needed”.

   Of course is not the end of the world, but is good to know what you may expect. Plants and insects coexist as part of nature, which is why the impact of ants, spiders and other crawling insects in people’s homes is directly related to the type of landscape in the surrounding areas. Ecotone Pest Control provides homeowner with a FREE inspection that includes recommendations as far as what to do to minimize potential exposure from ants, which may include mechanical or cultural methods, like plant maintenance and irrigation. Call for an appointment. 

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