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Summertime Ant Removal and Pest Control

Summertime is generally a busy season for ant related service calls. During the hottest months, ants search for water aggressively and this leads them into backyards and homes. We’ve experienced numerous ant removal requests from first time customers and people who have never used pest control in their homes.

A home in Ventura had ants entering its kitchen through cracks and creases in the cabinets and surrounding areas. In most cases, this would indicate that the ants are entering the home from the other side of the wall. We examined the adjacent wall and all of the surrounding areas but we couldn’t find the source of the ants. As we looked further across the property we came across an ant trail leading from a neighbor’s home. The exact path of the ants could not be traced, but what happens in these cases is the ants find a way into the walls of the home, generally through some underground pathway. Once inside the walls, ants can travel throughout the home using pipes or electrical conduits. The ants were entering the kitchen from some overhead pathway and found an opening through a small crevasse in a wooden cabinet.

A standard general pest treatment of all accessible areas solves this issue with a single treatment. When done carefully, a single treatment will guarantee to keep ants away for at least one year. Although fall has arrived and the weather is slowly cooling, if you have ants present it’s best to address the issue as soon as possible. Treating during cold weather will prevent ants from appearing during a hot spell and when warmer months arrive next year.

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