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Crane Flies and other flying insects

Springtime is here, and with the new season signs of life are everywhere. Thanks to a great rainy season, we can enjoy greenery in our landscapes. Now we just have to maintain it.   New growth on the lawn also brings weeds, as well as other insects that like to harbor on it. Recently I’ve had calls for “Crane Flies” and other flying insects.

While they present no harm whatsoever they become a nuisance, and a lot of people complain about it. They will typically move on as it gets dryer but on heavy infestations, we can achieve some control by treating adjacent shrubbery, lawn and other harboring areas.   Ecotone offers a general comprehensive treatment that will prevent further problems in Summertime, By treating your home perimeter as well as lawn and shrubbery you can minimize the risk of future outbreaks of most common pest like ants, spiders and fleas.

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