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How Rats Can Damage Home Appliances

How Rats Can Damage Home Appliances

Rodents are small animals that can cause a variety of problems in and around your home and property. Besides minor damage like eating pets food, digging holes, they can cause more serious damage around your house due to their ability to access difficult to reach places.

Washing Machine Circuit Destroyed By Rat

Rodents teeth never stop growing and so they constantly gnaw and chew on almost anything they can access. This can lead to a variety of issues if they get into the walls of your home, damage electrical wiring, damage insulation, etc. I was recently called out to a customer’s home in Ventura where a rat had chewed his way into the hose connections of a washing machine. The rat had made his nest in the washing machine and caused damage which broke the machine. We observed rat droppings and other evidence which showed the rat had been living in there for a while.

The washing machine technician suggested that we eradicate the rat problem before he repaired the machined so it could not damage it again. The solution is quite simple. At nigh time the rat we come out of the washer and would go into the kitchen and gnaw into the dog treat bag. We decided to use the dog treats as bait in the rodent traps. Because we knew the rat’s habits and where it would travel we carefully placed a few traps in its path with the dog treats as bait. The rat was able to grab the bait without getting captured, so after a few days we setup the traps again and were able to catch the rat.

Eco Tone Keeps Your Home and Property Free of Rodents

Rats make a habit of getting into things like cars, stoves, electronics, refrigerators, furnaces, hvac systems, and other places. It’s not uncommon for rats to crawl into the engines of cars and chew through hoses causing thousands of dollars of damage. This is an unfortunate situation because the customer had to pay to have the rat removed and pay to repair their washer to be repaired, but fortunately they are unlikely to experience the problem again.

As part of our follow up we explored the property to make sure it would be difficult for another rat to cause the same problem. We set up bait boxes around to deter additional rodents, and we have a follow up service available in which we inspect the property periodically to ensure it’s free of pests. Depending on the location of your home, the surrounding property, proximity to food sources, etc., your home may be more susceptible to rodent activity. If you suspect you may have rodent activity in or around your home please Contact Us and request a free in home inspection.

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