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Fleas extermination services Ventura County

Fleas are small, wingless insects, flattened from both sides, and infest the heir coats of mammals or plumage of birds. Fleas have the ability to transmit disease. The most serious disease is the Bubonic Plage, or “Black Death”of the Middle Ages. Rodent fleas play an important role in its transmission and the greatest risk to humans exist in urban/rural interfaces, parks and recreation areas. Fleas, when feeding, inject saliva that contains enzymes and histamine-like substances resulting in skin irritation.Dermatitis is most prevalent in Summer months, however, in warm climates, where infestations may persist throughout the year, the problem may be non seasonal.

Flea control in residential settings present a challenge depending on the level of infestation. The heavier the population of fleas, the more resurgence will occur as eggs hatch, and people will notice activity even soon after a Pest Control treatment has been done. Is not uncommon to do 2 or 3 treatments to make sure subsequent generations are taken care of.. Communication between the Pest Control company and the costumer is important to set up the expectation of the treatment, and cooperation is essential to achieve the desired control.Ecotone offers an initial inspection to identify the problem areas in your yard to and give suggestions if there is anything you can do to minimize the risk. Rodent problems should be addressed as well of making sure the house is properly sealed, specially at crawl space access, where other critter could make their home. Implementing a Pest Control program that includes the use of an Insect Growth Regulator will make sure your house is back to normal, so you can sleep better.



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